who is EDM?

Your sidekick in creating the impact you seek. Your insider in the attention trade. Wearers of every hat necessary to deliver good,
honest work. Also, we like to think of ourselves as the people who fusion ideas from Singapore, Indonesia, and Philippine and refine the words of ‘acquisition’ and ‘monetization’

Wyner Tan

Asian Regional Marketing Director

With 20 years combined experienced in traditional and new marketing, social influencer marketing and mobile apps. In variety of industry; advertising agency, transportation, property, hospitality, distribution and mobile apps.


You know the plot. It’s in every film you’ve seen. The best masterminds plan every move down to the tiniest detail, no matter how inconsequential it seems. Top that off with just the right amount of imagination and—bam!—the perfect heist. This approach, ladies and gentlemen, is how we orchestrate the outcome you desire.

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creative &
content production

Don’t hold back on the stuff of your dreams. We won’t give you a reason to. Think speed, cost-efficiency, and a data-driven edge in transforming your fiction to fact.

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Our merry bunch of tech wizards bestow upon us the power to do those cool, geeky stuff entirely in-house. While much of this magic happens behind the scenes, the apps, websites, and tools we build help propel our clients to center stage.

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How do we justify our agency fees? By giving you the leverage with no-nonsense media partners and a definitive grasp of all the necessary ins and outs.

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